I went to Lana’i In May, 2008. Lana’i was the last easily accessible island that I visited. You can pretty much do everything there is to do there in 3 days. Most of the island is very dry and the population is extremely small at just over 3000. 98% of the island is privately owned and virtually everyone lives in Lana’i City, the former pineapple plantation town. There is a resort at the best beach on the island, Hulopoe, which also has the island’s best snorkeling. The highlight of Lana’i is the Munro Trail, which is a Jeep road that runs along the top ridge of the island, affording views in every direction. The eastern side of the island is more eroded and beautiful than the western side, most of which is inaccessible and ends in high sea cliffs. Another highlight is the Garden of the Gods, a heavily eroded area that reveals thousands of large rocks and boulders.