If I had to pick my favorite island, it would have to be my home, Hawai’i, the Big Island. It has its nickname because it is nearly the size of Connecticut, and twice the size of the other islands combined. Within minutes you can go from desert where it rains under 10 inches a year to more lush areas where it rains 50, then head to the other side of the island where many places get over 200 inches per year.

The Big Island is alive, both growing and sinking every day. My favorite part of the island, the Puna district, is breaking off into the ocean about 4 inches per year, and at some point an area the size of Oahu will collapse into the sea, creating several thousand foot high sea cliffs, and causing a several thousand foot high tsunami. (Don’t worry we’ll be long gone by then). Meanwhile the northern part of the island is eroding and will someday look like the Na Pali coast of Kauai does today. And some day it will be just a sandbar with a coral reef barely poking out of the water.

Hawai’i, brings me a sense of peace like no other place I’ve been.

I have hundreds of pictures, with just a sampling below, organized by major area of the island. They go roughly clockwise from the southernmost part of the island (and the US), Kau, Up to the Kona coast, the Kohala coast to North Kohala, south to Waimea and east to Waipio Valley, south along the Hamakua coast to Hilo, then further south along the Puna coast, then finally further west to Volcanoes National Park and Mauna Loa, with a few Mauna Kea and Saddle Road pictures thrown in. Below is page 1, click here for page 2.


Hawai’i, the Big Island