Piko was a very sweet pit bull that I got from the Kea’au Humane Society in October, 2008. She was horribly skinny, as was her brother Alfie. She immediately took to her new home and loved Alfie and let him push her around when playing. She was very passive with him, but was aggressive with other dogs unfortunately, and attacked several. At home she was a really wonderful, easy going dog. Piko in Hawaiian means belly button or navel, which I thought was a good name since I got her after going to Kaho’olawe, which is the piko, or center of Hawaii. After her last attack it was clear she was just too unpredictable and too big a risk. So Piko lived until June 1, 2009. In her last week she got to go on the couch and eat twice as much as normal, got people food, constant snacks, and even a dog pizza we made for her last dinner which she got to eat on the table. I miss Piko and her little bat ears. At least she got a great life for the 8 months I had her.