Kora was found on the rescue dog web page homeatlastrescue.org and had been living with a very old woman who kept her in a crate for most of the first 3 years of her life. She was born in December, 1996 and Rob adopted her in June, 2000. She is a very sensitive soul and can be aloof and defiant. She's warmed up over time and we sometimes call her "Lickydog" because occasionally she goes lick crazy with us. While she can be quite the lady who feels she must leave the room when one of us swears, she also enjoys biting other dogs on the neck & ears and being extremely vocal in doing so. She hates skateboards and loses it when they go by. Kora is a Border Collie/Spaniel mix (probably Brittany Spaniel, although I only guess that because it seems fancier than those trashy Springers). She is very much into herding and loves to chase cows in the hills of Concord and Moraga. More than once she has used that opportunity to “scent” herself. On a far more glamorous note, she has had 2 photo shoots for Pottery Barn Kids and appeared in their catalog and in a window poster. Kora had her first ever birthday party when she turned 10 in December, 2006. Kora also has a web page on dogster.  Kora is now living with Michael in Oakland and is getting old and slow.