Kolu was adopted from the Keaau Humane Society in January 2010 and was about 2 years old. He immediately established himself, all 16 pounds of him, as the dominant dog in the house, despite our other dogs being 65 and 70 pounds. When the other dogs mess with him he goes Yoda on them and rapidly nips and growls them into submission. He is also very sweet and loves attention. He follows us around to make sure he gets the most attention and makes it very clear that he is jealous when the other dogs are getting love. He even tries to keep them from coming into the room. He is the only dog that sleeps in our bed and is allowed on the couch, but even that is not enough. When we take him to the beach he hold his tail high and rushes to greet each new dog arrival to make it clear he is in charge. They usually submit right away. Kolu means 3rd in Hawaiian.