I adopted Alfie from the Kea’au Humane Society in February 2008. He had a been a stray and was at the shelter for 2 weeks before I got him. I feel like he chose me because he was by far the dog that was most trying to get my attention. Every time I went to see another dog he jumped up and down and barked to get my attention again. I almost did not choose him because I thought he would be too outgoing and high maintenance, and would never be calm. The second I took him away he changed completely into a dog who is scared of everything. He is very comfortable at home, but is terribly scared of cars, trucks, new people, and things he has never encountered before. He has gained over 17 pounds since I got him, and the first pictures show how gaunt he was. Someone told me he looked like a red-nosed Pit Bull and Airdale cross that he had seen before and that were bred to be hunting dogs. A brindle pattern is starting to come out in his fur. After 7 months, he is becoming more confident, but is still fearful of new people. He’s very protective of his home.